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Highlights from March 26 in Seattle!

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Important Message to Seattle. Please watch and share video below.

March organizer Victoria Palmer shares a heartfelt message for the crowd and for the city of Seattle before the march starts on January 8, 2022.  This was our BIG MARCH and the final in this campaign of 9 marches through Pike Place Market.

Marching around Washington



We are Volunteers for Freedom.  We are building community by upholding the freedoms given to us in the U.S. Constitution with focus on the 1st amendment (freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of religion) as well as medical freedom for individuals and parents.

Our protests have been a huge success

5/10: Inslee rescinded vaccine requirement for WA State employees!  This was the last of the “COVID mandates.”  And Inslee announced he won’t run for re-election! 

4/3: End of the Healthcare mask mandate.  Although many regions are continuing masks, our campaign was successful in ending the state mandate.

Update (3/10): HB1333 is dead!  It didn’t make the house cutoff.  

Update (3/6):  Healthcare mask mandate will end on April 3. A huge achievement for the our pushback efforts!

Updates (2/7):  King County and City of Seattle dropped their employee vaccine mandate!  State of WA and Port of Seattle have not.

Latest Video Here (10/31/23): Watch the success of the March For Freedom in ending the mandates early!
"Truth Conquers Mandates"

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