March For Freedom WA

About the Mandates

As of 1/1/22 these stores practice non-harassment of unmasked shoppers:
Fred Meyer
Home Depot

UPDATE on the Washington State Mask Mandate: Statewide updated mask order goes into effect Monday, Aug. 23, 2021. Exemptions to the mandate will continue for those who self-claim an exemption.

People exempt from General Face Covering Requirement

The following people are exempt from the requirement to wear a face covering:

  • People with a medical condition, mental health condition, developmental or cognitive condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering. This includes, but is not limited to, people with a medical condition for whom wearing a face covering could obstruct breathing or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance.

We are not trying to deny anyone’s experience or loss from the COVID-19 virus. We are asking people to separate the actual impact of the virus from the use of the pandemic as justification for unproven and uncalled for measures such as business shutdowns and universal masking. This year has caused tremendous damage to our personal lives, our businesses, our children, and families. We don’t need to add to the suffering by continuing to participate.

Ultimately, the mask mandate relies on enforcement from citizens upon each other. Let’s unite to support businesses, shoppers and parents instead of bullying those that question the mandate.

Read the actual state guidelines for implementation of the mask mandate (below). You will find that they do NOT require a business to refuse customers who are not wearing masks, or to harass them in any way. They do not require any proof of inability to wear a mask, even from employees. They do NOT protect businesses from discrimination lawsuits for denying service to those with disabilities or damages caused by forcing a mask on an individual. They actually only require a “good faith effort” on the part of a business.

We have heard of businesses receiving threats and fines from Health Departments and Labor & Industries. It’s going to take businesses standing up to these threats and appealing fines as frivolous and unlawful.